Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle



The ER200 electric motorcycle is a groundbreaking two-wheeler, seamlessly integrating sleek design and advanced technology. With a single Lithium battery and a 24-mosfets controller, it promises an eco-friendly and efficient alternative for urban commuting. Compact at 1860x790x1150 mm, it ensures agility and comfort. Its remarkable 18° climbing capacity and 950 charging cycles battery life set it apart, making the ER200 a pioneer in revolutionizing sustainable and cost-effective urban mobility.

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The E3200 electric motorcycle is a high-performance two-wheeler designed for urban commuters and enthusiasts, showcasing a strong motor for dynamic acceleration and a top speed of 95-115 km/h. Its advanced battery system offers a range of 110-160 km, complemented by a quick-charging feature in 6-8 hours. Safety features include Disc/Disc brakes with CBS and hydraulic shock absorbers.

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The YC001 electric motorcycle, featuring a 48V1000W domestic spoke wheel motor, offers a versatile urban commuting solution. The 20-inch iron frame ensures durability and maneuverability, complemented by a 48V750W28A controller for precise motor control. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h, SHIMANO TY200 rear derailleur, and an integrated assist, it combines performance and convenience. The 48V2A charger facilitates efficient battery replenishment.

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The YC002 electric motorcycle redefines urban mobility with its advanced features, highlighted by a robust 48V500W rear-drive motor. Crafted with precision, its durable aluminum alloy 20-inch frame ensures a perfect blend of strength and agility. Tailored for the modern rider, this cutting-edge vehicle guarantees a swift and eco-friendly commuting experience.

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The YZ electric motorcycle represents a paradigm shift in urban commuting, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with a sleek design. Tailored for the modern rider, it delivers an enhanced and eco-conscious riding experience. With a powerful motor and a focus on sustainability, the electric motorcycle stands as a symbol of innovative urban mobility, setting new standards for both performance and style in the electric motorcycle landscape.

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The CG electric motorcycle signifies a groundbreaking evolution in urban transportation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design. With a focus on sustainability and advanced features, it stands poised to redefine the standards for how riders navigate and interact with urban landscapes. The CG electric motorcycle is not just a means of transport; it's a bold statement, blending form and function to create a dynamic and environmentally conscious riding experience.

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The CS electric motorcycle represents a groundbreaking advancement in urban mobility, where state-of-the-art technology harmoniously combines with a stylish and practical design. Tailored for modern riders, it reshapes the urban commuting landscape by introducing innovation and environmentally conscious features. With a focus on sleek aesthetics and functional design, the CS is engineered to provide a transformative experience for riders navigating contemporary cityscapes.

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The FR electric motorcycle epitomizes the forefront of sustainable and high-performance transportation. Its cutting-edge electric motor not only eliminates the reliance on traditional fossil fuels but also delivers instantaneous torque, ensuring an exciting and responsive riding experience. Its zero emissions and silent operation underscore a dedication to a sustainable future, inviting riders, whether seasoned or new, to embrace thrilling adventures on the open road.

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The FY electric motorcycle represents a cutting-edge solution in urban commuting, seamlessly merging advanced technology with sleek design. Crafted for the modern rider, it redefines the riding experience through innovation and eco-conscious features. With zero emissions, efficient performance, and a distinctive aesthetic, the FY electric motorcycle is poised to make a mark in sustainable urban mobility.

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UYOU electric motorcycle signifies a new era in sustainable urban commuting. With its innovative design and eco-friendly electric power, JUYOU offers riders a stylish and efficient way to navigate city streets while contributing to a cleaner environment. Explore a seamless blend of modern aesthetics, performance, and eco-conscious technology with the electric motorcycle.

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Step into the future of urban commuting with the M5 electric motorcycle. Boasting a stylish design and cutting-edge technology, the M5 delivers a harmonious fusion of performance and eco-consciousness. With its efficient electric motor and smart connectivity features, the electric motorcycle redefines the urban riding experience, offering a sustainable and thrilling journey through city landscapes.

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The N8 electric motorcycle is a sleek and stylish two-wheeled vehicle that offers a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. With its powerful electric motor, the N8 provides a smooth and quiet ride, making it perfect for urban commuting or weekend adventures. Its modern design and advanced technology make it a standout choice for riders looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance.

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