Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle


RQ -002A /48V 500W

Meet the RQ-002A/48V 500W electric bicycle, a blend of modern design and advanced technology. This innovative e-bike revolutionizes urban commuting with its sustainable and efficient features. Equipped with a powerful motor and ergonomic design, the RQ-002A ensures a smooth and eco-friendly ride for riders. Redefine your commute with the RQ-002A electric bicycle.

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RQ -002B /48V 500W

The RQ-002B/48V 500W electric bicycle makes a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Elevate your commuting experience with this innovative ride featuring a powerful motor, advanced features, and eco-friendly operation. Join the future of urban mobility with the RQ-002B, where innovation meets effortless and sustainable transportation, making your daily commute a breeze while reducing your carbon footprint.

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RQ -002C /48V 500W

The RQ-002C electric bicycle is a revolutionary mode of urban transportation. Equipped with a powerful 500W brushless motor and a 48V lithium battery, this e-bike offers a seamless blend of efficiency, style, and eco-friendliness. Enjoy a superior riding experience as you effortlessly navigate city streets with speed and agility. Embrace the future of urban commuting with the RQ-002C electric bicycle.

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RQ -002D /48V 500W

Explore the new RQ-002D/48V 500W electric bicycle, a powerful and dynamic solution for modern commuting. With its robust specifications and innovative design, this e-bike promises an exhilarating journey every time you hit the road. Redefine your riding experience and embrace the thrill of urban commuting with this high-performance electric bicycle. Whether navigating busy city streets or exploring scenic countryside, the electric bicycle will be your ideal companion.

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RQ -002F /48V 500W

The RQ-002F/48V 500W electric bicycle – a perfect blend of power and innovation for an unparalleled riding experience. This e-bike is designed to redefine your commute with cutting-edge technology and stylish aesthetics. Enjoy a seamless journey with this exceptional electric bicycle that promises both performance and style in one dynamic package.

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RQ -002L -N/350W

The RQ-002L-N/350W electric bicycle – a cutting-edge urban mobility solution that combines style and performance. With its powerful 350W motor and lightweight frame, this e-bike offers a smooth and eco-friendly ride through city streets. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and style with the RQ-002L-N/350W electric bicycle, ideal for daily commuting and leisurely adventures.

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RQ -002/48V 500W

Experience the RQ-002C electric bicycle, a Beach Cruiser in the 20-inch category that embodies a perfect fusion of advanced technology and thoughtful design. Featuring a robust 48V 500W brushless rear geared motor, this innovative e-bike ensures a smooth and efficient riding experience for cyclists. Embrace the future of cycling with the RQ-002C electric bicycle.

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RQ -004A /36V 250W

The RQ-004A/36V 250W electric bicycle – a reliable and energy-efficient companion for your daily commute. This e-bike effortlessly blends practicality with modern design, providing riders with a convenient and stylish mode of transportation. Enjoy a smooth and eco-friendly ride with the RQ-004A/36V 250W electric bicycle, the perfect choice for urban commuters looking for a hassle-free and sustainable way to travel.

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RQ -004B /36V 250W

The RQ-004B/36V 250W electric bicycle – your perfect urban companion. Designed for efficiency and style, this electric bicycle redefines urban travel with its dynamic 250W motor, urban-optimized design, and responsive controls. Whether you're a daily commuter or seeking a stylish leisure ride, the RQ-004B delivers a seamless, eco-conscious, and customizable experience through city streets.

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RQ -004M /250W

Discover a new dimension of urban commuting with the RQ-004M. Tailored for women, this electric bicycle combines a potent 500W mid-drive motor with a sleek design, providing a perfect blend of style and efficiency. With advanced features like a nine-speed transmission, responsive disc brakes, and a comfortable ergonomic design, the RQ-004M offers a dynamic and stylish solution for the modern female rider.

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RQ -004R /36V 250W

Experience the RQ-004R electric bicycle, a versatile and eco-friendly commuting solution that redefines urban mobility. This innovative e-bike is equipped with a reliable 250W rear-drive motor, providing efficient power for your rides. The sleek design elements of the RQ-004R combine performance and style seamlessly, ensuring a comfortable and stylish commuting experience.

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