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The ER200 electric motorcycle is a groundbreaking two-wheeler, seamlessly integrating sleek design and advanced technology. With a single Lithium battery and a 24-mosfets controller, it promises an eco-friendly and efficient alternative for urban commuting. Compact at 1860x790x1150 mm, it ensures agility and comfort. Its remarkable 18° climbing capacity and 950 charging cycles battery life set it apart, making the ER200 a pioneer in revolutionizing sustainable and cost-effective urban mobility.

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The E3200 electric motorcycle is a high-performance two-wheeler designed for urban commuters and enthusiasts, showcasing a strong motor for dynamic acceleration and a top speed of 95-115 km/h. Its advanced battery system offers a range of 110-160 km, complemented by a quick-charging feature in 6-8 hours. Safety features include Disc/Disc brakes with CBS and hydraulic shock absorbers.

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The YC001 electric motorcycle, featuring a 48V1000W domestic spoke wheel motor, offers a versatile urban commuting solution. The 20-inch iron frame ensures durability and maneuverability, complemented by a 48V750W28A controller for precise motor control. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h, SHIMANO TY200 rear derailleur, and an integrated assist, it combines performance and convenience. The 48V2A charger facilitates efficient battery replenishment.

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The YC002 electric motorcycle redefines urban mobility with its advanced features, highlighted by a robust 48V500W rear-drive motor. Crafted with precision, its durable aluminum alloy 20-inch frame ensures a perfect blend of strength and agility. Tailored for the modern rider, this cutting-edge vehicle guarantees a swift and eco-friendly commuting experience.

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