RQ -002A /48V 500W

RQ -002A /48V 500W

Meet the RQ-002A/48V 500W electric bicycle, a blend of modern design and advanced technology. This innovative e-bike revolutionizes urban commuting with its sustainable and efficient features. Equipped with a powerful motor and ergonomic design, the RQ-002A ensures a smooth and eco-friendly ride for riders. Redefine your commute with the RQ-002A electric bicycle.

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Product Description

The RQ-002A/48V 500W electric bicycle is crafted for the modern commuter, blending functionality with style. The sleek frame houses a robust 500W motor powered by a 48V battery, ensuring a swift and effortless ride. Its compact design and lightweight structure make it ideal for navigating city streets with ease. It prioritizes comfort, efficiency, and eco-conscious commuting.


Product Features

500W Brushless Motor: Equipped with a powerful 500W brushless motor, the RQ-002A delivers reliable performance across various terrains, ensuring a smooth ride.


48V Lithium Battery: Powered by a high-capacity 48V lithium battery, the RQ-002A extends its range for daily commuting without frequent recharging.


Intelligent LED Display: Stay informed on speed, battery status, and distance with the bike's intelligent LED display, enhancing the user-friendly riding experience.


Three Riding Modes: Tailor your ride effortlessly with three modes—pedal-assist, electric-only, and manual pedaling—for versatile and personalized commuting.


Product Advantages

Efficient Commuting: The RQ-002A excels in urban commuting, thanks to its efficient 500W motor. This motor ensures a swift and reliable mode of transportation, enabling riders to navigate through city traffic with ease. Experience a hassle-free commute, beating congestion, and reducing overall travel time for a more time-efficient urban lifestyle.


Eco-Friendly Mobility: Embracing eco-conscious mobility, it features a 48V lithium battery. This environmentally friendly power source minimizes the carbon footprint, contributing significantly to a greener and more sustainable urban environment. Riders can enjoy guilt-free commuting while actively participating in the reduction of air pollution and environmental impact.


Compact and Lightweight: The RQ-002A's design prioritizes convenience with its compact form and lightweight construction. Maneuvering through crowded city streets becomes agile and effortless, offering riders enhanced control and ease of handling. The bicycle's compactness ensures it effortlessly integrates into urban lifestyles, providing a practical and convenient solution for daily commuting needs.

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